Data Visualisation Week 1: Learning from the Pros: Poll Data Journalism

Digital Realities

Visualising polling data is a particularly relevant example given we are less than 100 days away from a general election and one that is a) surrounded by uncertainty around party dynamics b) one of the first in the UK that can draw on more widely practiced and sophisticated data analysis and design techniques.

The election will provide an intriguing backdrop, and no doubt many many examples, for this course. To help me think a bit more about this challenge I had a quick looks around for some relevant ideas demonstrating how political data is being represented to help be think through design approaches and possible techniques.

This data blast from the May2015 election blog by the New Statesman uses both tabulated data and coloured circles to display different aspects of data. They use circles and colours like we were asked to but don’t use size to represent difference, all circles…

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