VisualBlackBox: Example of real time push driven data visualization

Code and Philosophy

Apologies for the long delay in posts; I have been busy learning about Big Data/Hadoop/Spark/etc infrastructure lately… which leads me into a perfect introduction for this post.  Data scientists who can create compelling big data visualizations are in extreme demand from my experience (not that I consider myself particularly capable in either of those areas at this point, just getting started).  Being the curious programmer that I am, I wanted to delve into this area a little more on my own.  Knowing that I am a very goal driven person, I created a little project to basically train myself on the new data visualization technologies and as a bonus I get to help others who are interested as well.  So along came…

Visual Black Box –

VBB is an open source/Apache 2 licensed, push driven, real time, HTML5 data visualization tool (like line graphs, bar charts, heat maps, US…

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